Purpose and passion come together to inspire women to live the lives for which God created them. Engaging, relatable speakers and awesome music are presented at a price that is affordable to almost every woman

Inspire began in 2008 in Salisbury, NC as a way for women to get an amazing day, just for them, at an affordable price. Dana Duggins, co-founder, was a young wife with three young children.  She had discovered that she loved the conference experience, but unless someone was willing to pay her way, she had no opportunity to attend those types of events.  She and friend Angie Johnson teamed up to start Inspire with a commitment to quality and affordability!  What began with 40 ladies now can reach over 1000!
 In 2016, we relocated to Burlington, NC and are thrilled to be able to continue as a yearly event. You can expect to be inspired and empowered to be all that God has created you to be!  Inspire is a day filled with amazing worship music, authentic and relatable speakers, great conversation, lunch, and friendship.  Inspire is not only for the women of Burlington, but also for women in the surrounding communities who want to spice up their relationship with Jesus and the people around them. Inspire is fun, loud, and inspiring! But most importantly, it is life changing!
Inspire is committed to being one of the best women's conferences in North Carolina.  Our mission is to inspire women to live the lives for which God created them and to grow in their love for and relationship with Jesus.
Worship.  It is what we were created to do.  At Inspire, we hope to engage you not only in dynamic music that will move your emotions and soften your heart for God's Word, but to lead you to a place where the videos, the speakers, and the fellowship change your life. Knowing you are chosen empowers you to make the choices that bring glory to God each day.
Most of our speakers are everyday women.  Many have jobs and families just like all of us.  God has gifted them with the ability to teach and inspire women in all walks of life

You can expect the best: amazing and engaging speakers, the Hope Church Band for music... and maybe even a few fun surprises!
Thank you to Hope Church for your overwhelming support of Inspire! This is a dream that would have been lost without you and there is no way we can do what we do without your support. Hope Church has provided resources, finances, staff support, volunteers, office space, an amazing band and production team and much more.  We are who we are, growing and going where we are going because of God and Him positioning us along side of Hope Church!
Hope Church is based out of Burlington, NC, and will do whatever it takes to reach people far from God, period. Hope Church creates an atmosphere that's open to people of all ages and backgrounds, so that no matter your place in life, and no matter your past, you can experience a relationship with the One who can save us!